Our Approach

A different Approach to Traditional Psychiatry

Our Approach

Our integrative approach empowers you to experience maximal health through personalized treatments that heal the mind and body.

At Tri-MED Integrative Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine, our highly skilled team of mental health professionals specialize in utilizing a comprehensive range of modalities to provide personalized evaluations, diagnosis, and treatment of psychiatric and sleep disorders, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, ADHD, bi-polar disorder, brain fog, memory loss, sleep apnea and insomnia. 

By combining traditional psychiatric interventions with integrative approaches and innovative modalities like brain-mapping, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), Spravato (esketamine), & intravenous ketamine for the treatment of medication resistant depression, we are helping our patients experience the kind of relief that they could previously only dream of

For those patients who are interested in our functional medicine services, we offer testing of micronutrients, methylation status and drug-gene analysis. We facilitate health coaching, neurofeedback, and other interventions to help improve brain function.



Tri-MED Integrative Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine, we are set up to provide complete care remotely. This allows us to conveniently meet you on your terms – whether over the phone or via virtual discussions.

What our Patients Say

Micee SGoogle Review
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Tri-Med has been the best experience I’ve ever had for my depression. The doctors there are wonderful. They took the time to work with me to find the perfect combination of medications. They gave me my life back!!
Richard GGoogle Review
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This facility is great. They are all very knowledgeable. Their entire team from receptionist to the clinicians are very professional, pleasant and courteous. If you’re experiencing sleep issues, or just need a little help to get you back on track, this office will meet your needs exceptionally.
Heather RGoogle Review
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I love the Frisco office. Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. I love that you can send them a text message and you will always hear back from someone in their office the same day. It has been very helpful to me
Karen SGoogle Review
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The only words I have are “life changing”! They really do the best for each person and I feel like a new woman after a long lifetime battle of depression.
Eden J.Google Review
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The front desk staff is extremely compassionate and gentle. They were very welcoming, accommodating, responsive and made me feel at home.
Rachel JGoogle Review
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I love this place ...always a great experience.
KellyAnn R!Google Review
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You literally saved my life..!

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