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Functional Medicine Specialist

Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine

Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine located in Sherman, TX & Frisco, TX

At Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine in Sherman and Frisco, Texas, Oluyemi Aina, MD, focuses on improving your overall wellness by assessing your body function and identifying the underlying cause of your condition and symptoms. He provides customized functional medicine treatments to resolve the underlying issue instead of relying on medication to mask your symptoms, even for mental health conditions. If you want to improve your health and reduce your mental health symptoms without having to rely on a lifetime of medication, call the practice or schedule an appointment online today.

Functional Medicine Q & A

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a patient-focused approach to wellness that considers your overall wellness instead of using a list of symptoms to identify a diagnosis. Instead of focusing on relieving your symptoms, functional medicine identifies and heals the underlying conditions that cause your symptoms.

For example, if you live with depression, a traditional doctor may prescribe antidepressants to relieve your symptoms. However, as a functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Aina considers your overall wellness and provides extensive testing to identify factors in your genetics, environment, lifestyle, and body function that contribute to your symptoms.

Once he understands your current state of wellness, Dr. Aina provides needed treatments. These include supplements and alternative treatments, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and ketamine therapy, to heal your body and restore optimal body function. This, in turn, relieves your depression symptoms.

What is the mind-body connection?

Your body comprises a complex structure of different systems and organs that must function at optimal levels for you to enjoy top health and wellness. In addition to working independently to digest food and extract nutrients or move blood throughout your body, your body systems are interconnected. If you have an issue in one part of your body, it can lead to problems in another, including your mind and mood.

For example, serotonin — one of the neurotransmitters that regulate your mood, sleep patterns, and appetite — is made in your digestive tract. If you have an imbalance in the bacteria in your gut or suffer from diet-related inflammation, it impacts your serotonin production. This then impacts your mood and causes depression and anxiety symptoms.

How can functional medicine improve my mental health?

Everyone has unique needs, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to improving your mental health with functional medicine. Dr. Aina provides highly customized functional medicine treatment plans, depending on your needs. He focuses intently on your specific health and needs to determine the best treatments to heal your body, optimize your body function, and restore your health and overall wellness.

If you’re looking for a doctor who considers your overall health instead of focusing on your symptoms, call Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine or schedule a consultation online today.