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Integrative Drug Addiction Specialist

Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine

Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine located in Sherman, TX & Frisco, TX

Addiction is a complicated disease that impacts your physical and mental health. Oluyemi Aina, MD, offers integrative drug addiction treatment at Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine in Sherman and Frisco, Texas. Dr. Aina’s integrative approach considers all aspects of your health and wellness to identify the best course of treatment to not only help you recover from addiction, but also to improve your overall wellbeing. Call Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine or schedule a consultation online today to start your journey toward a healthy, addiction-free life.

Integrative Drug Addiction Q & A

What is addiction?

Addiction is a complicated brain disease that leads to compulsive use of a substance, even if it leads to harmful or negative consequences. Addiction often begins with recreational use but evolves to the point where your desire for alcohol or drugs takes over your life and interferes with your ability to perform at work or interact with friends and family.

Some of the common signs of addiction include:

  • Intense focus on accessing and using a substance
  • Failed attempts to stop using the substance
  • Problems at home, work, or school because of your substance use
  • Risky or self-destructive behaviors
  • Increased tolerance
  • Withdrawal symptoms

Fortunately, you can recover from addiction. Dr. Aina offers an integrative approach to treating addiction that considers your overall wellness and helps heal and resolve the underlying issues that led to your substance use disorder.

What causes addiction?

Various factors contribute to addiction. Many people with addiction have abnormalities in the region of their brain that regulates judgment, mood, behavior control, and cognitive abilities such as learning, memory, and decision making. Many addictive substances change your brain function, further inhibiting this part of your brain.

Additionally, other environmental factors, such as your family background, friends, and overall health and wellness, contribute to your chances of developing addiction. For example, the opioid crisis stems from people living in physical pain and relying on medicine to dull their pain instead of focusing on healing their bodies and enhancing their wellbeing to resolve the condition causing the pain.

How can an integrative medicine approach treat addiction?

At Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine, Dr. Aina offers integrative drug addiction treatment. Your treatment plan is highly customized to address your individual needs and begins with a comprehensive consultation.

Your plan may include ketamine therapy to relieve depression and anxiety symptoms that contribute to your addiction, as well as easing withdrawal symptoms. He may also suggest nutritional psychiatry plans to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs for optimal function.

Ultimately, your plan is designed to improve your overall wellness and to help you recover from your reliance on drugs or alcohol.

If you’re living with addiction and want to recover and restore your health and wellness, call Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine or schedule a consultation online today.