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Integrative Treatment Specialist

Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine

Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine located in Sherman, TX & Frisco, TX

Your mental health and physical wellbeing are closely connected, so taking care of your overall wellness provides countless benefits. At Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine in Sherman and Frisco, Texas, Oluyemi Aina, MD, uses integrative treatments and a holistic approach to improve all aspects of your wellness, from your sleep habits to your cognitive ability and memory. If you want to work with a doctor who considers your overall wellness and works with you to improve it, call Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine or schedule a consultation online today.

Integrative Treatment Q & A

What is integrative treatment?

Integrative medicine is the practice of improving your overall wellness instead of focusing on relieving your symptoms. Dr. Aina practices with a holistic approach, considering all aspects of your health from your mental and emotional state to your overall body function and physical well-being.

Integrative medicine incorporates alternative treatments with traditional medicine to meet all of your wellness needs. Your body is a complex group of closely interconnected systems that work together, and when one aspect of your wellness isn’t optimal, you can develop widespread symptoms and illnesses. Integrative treatments aim to heal your body and optimize functionality to both relieve your symptoms and restore your health.

How does integrative treatment improve my mental health?

Integrative treatments are becoming more prevalent in psychiatric care. Dr. Aina operates on a philosophy of more health and less medicine. He uses a variety of treatments beyond medication, including nutritional supplements, amino acid infusions, hormonal therapies, naturopathic remedies, and cutting-edge medical interventions such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and ketamine therapy.

What conditions benefit from integrative treatment?

Integrative treatment improves your overall health, which in turn resolves many mental health conditions. One area where Dr. Aina helps patients is enhancing and protecting cognitive function, including memory.

While everyone forgets something occasionally, you don’t have to assume that memory loss and cognitive decline is an inevitable part of the aging process. Dr. Aina helps people protect their brain health with customized integrative treatments to boost and support brain function.

For example, there is a link between memory loss and your nutrition. Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies interfere with brain activity. Additionally, a poor diet can negatively impact your hormone levels, sleep habits, and endocrine function, which can all contribute to memory loss and other cognitive impairments.

Dr. Aina’s integrative treatments support optimal function in every aspect of your body, reducing your risk of cognitive decline. Additionally, integrative treatments can improve your sleep and reduce your experience of other widespread mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Call Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine or make an appointment online today for highly personalized integrative care.