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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Specialist

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Medication isn’t always the most effective treatment for depression. At Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine in Sherman and Frisco, Texas, Oluyemi Aina, MD, offers FDA-approved transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to correct the chemical imbalances and reduced brain function that cause severe depression. If you’re interested in a non-pharmaceutical approach to treating depression, or if prescription antidepressants have been ineffective, call Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine or schedule an appointment online today to discover how TMS can improve your health.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Q & A

What is transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)?

TMS is an FDA-approved, non-pharmaceutical therapy for depression, anxiety, psychosis, and other brain disorders. TMS uses a repetitive magnetic pulse to stimulate a specific region in your brain, boosting the production and activity of the neurotransmitters that regulate your mood.

The magnetic pulse is only as strong as an MRI, and can only penetrate approximately two inches into your body. This allows Dr. Aina to carefully target the specific region of your brain that’s responsible for your mood.

How does TMS work?

To understand how TMS works, you have to know how your brain chemistry contributes to depression. The neurotransmitters and receptors in your brain are responsible for sending messages that regulate everything that happens in your body, including your mood. When your brain doesn’t produce enough of the right neurotransmitters, or if those cells don’t function correctly, you develop symptoms of depression or other mental health disorders.

Depression is historically treated chemically with antidepressant medicine that increases the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. However, antidepressants aren’t always effective and can cause intolerable side effects.

TMS specifically targets the region of your brain that regulates your mood and stimulates neurotransmitter production and function. The magnetic pulse stimulates your brain, correcting the imbalance causing your symptoms.

Am I a good candidate for TMS?

If you suffer from severe depression and haven’t found relief with other types of treatment, TMS is an excellent option for you. If depression symptoms interfere with your life and you either haven’t found an effective medication or would prefer a proven, drug-free treatment, you may benefit from TMS. Dr. Aina provides a thorough consultation prior to recommending TMS to ensure the treatment is right for you.

What should I expect during TMS?

TMS is noninvasive and provided as an outpatient procedure. Dr. Aina offers customized treatment plans for each patient. In most cases, you can expect TMS treatments five days a week for four to six weeks.

During your TMS appointments, you sit in a comfortable, reclining chair. Dr. Aina or another member of the team at Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine positions the TMS coil against your head. When the coil is in place, he turns on the machine to release magnetic pulses into your brain. You may notice a tapping or clicking sound or sensation during the treatment.

Each treatment takes approximately 40 minutes. When your TMS session is complete, you can return to your regular activities immediately, including driving.

Call Tri-MED Behavioral & Sleep Medicine or schedule a consultation online today to discover if TMS is right for you.